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metalwork, Argentium Sterling Silver two piece pinned texture Rustic dangle earrings



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Hand formed rolling mill textu lightweight earringsred two piece earrings with a dark patina. The top of the earrings is a rectangle and the bottom piece is an oval. They are connected by a silver pin with a ball at the end to contain it. The earrings are 1 3/8" long and with the cu lightweight earringsstom ear wire they hang 2" and are very lightweight and floaty. They have a patina to enhance the textu lightweight earringsre. They are ru lightweight earringsstic hand forged sterling silver. My ear wires are very comfortable and are filed and tu lightweight earringsmbled to smooth the edges and bu lightweight earringsrnish them. Each piece is polished to a high shine to give the most sparkle and reflectivity.You lightweight earrings are bu lightweight earringsying the exact piece in the photograph and becau lightweight earringsse it is handmade will not look machine made. I u lightweight earringsse hammers and pliers and saws to create each piece. All jewelry is ready to ship the day after payment is made. All packages are shipped in padded envelopes in a gift box lined with tarnish proof tissu lightweight earringse. I wrap and pack very carefu lightweight earringslly. These will arrive ready to give as a gift. Thank you lightweight earrings for looking at my jewelry.BarbaraMcCray Stu lightweight earringsdios Sterling Silver Jewelry Argentiu lightweight earringsm textu lightweight earringsred two piece earrings.

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