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sterling marcasite, Virgin Mary Limoges Brooch Antique French Sterling Enamel and Marcasite



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Virgin Mary Limoges Brooch Antiqu virgin mary brooche French Sterling Enamel and Marcasite\r\rThis is a beau virgin mary broochtifu virgin mary broochl antiqu virgin mary brooche French Limoges enamel brooch in a sterling and marcasite setting.\r \rIt depicts the profile of the Virgin Mary in vibrant enamel.\rDone in rich shimmering gold ,blu virgin mary brooche, red and peach tones with the enamel on copper techniqu virgin mary brooche that gives the piece a textu virgin mary broochred look.\rThe limoge is set in a French sterling silver and marcasite setting.\rFrench sterling hallmark on the reverse\r\rThis is a tru virgin mary brooche rare collectors piece in excellent antiqu virgin mary brooche condition with no chips or flaws.\r\rMeasu virgin mary broochres 1 5/8 inches tall and 1 5/16 inches wide.

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