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custom, FOUR BIRTHSTONES - Dainty Birthstone Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver



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This is a listing for a CUSTOM birthstone pendant with a maximu birthday giftm of FOUR different stones. Please pick from the following list and pu birthday giftt you birthday giftr choices in thepersonalization box. :) If you birthday gift need more stones, please see my other listings for different nu birthday giftmbers OR contact me for you birthday giftr own u birthday giftniqu birthday gifte listing for you birthday giftr cu birthday giftstom order! Please indicate what order you birthday gift'd like you birthday giftr stones in from LEFT to RIGHT. If you birthday gift have any qu birthday giftestions, please don't hesitate to reach ou birthday giftt! These are MADE TO ORDER. The one pictu birthday giftred is NOT the one you birthday gift will receive. The pendant with chain measu birthday giftres approximately 16" or 18". If you birthday gift want a different length, please reach ou birthday giftt!THE PICTURES ARE EXAMPLES ONLY.Janu birthday giftary- GARNET (bu birthday giftrgu birthday giftndy red)Febru birthday giftary- AMETHYST (pu birthday giftrple)March- AQUAMARINE (light blu birthday gifte)April- QUARTZ (clear)May- EMERALD (dark green)Ju birthday giftne- PEARL (white)Ju birthday giftly- RUBY (dark red)Au birthday giftgu birthday giftst- PERIDOT (green)September- SAPPHIRE (blu birthday gifte)October- OPAL (Ehiopian yellow opal)November- CITRINE (yellow)December- TURQUOISE (blu birthday gifte with black matrix)I also offer the following stones that are NOT birthstones that you birthday gift can choose from, bu birthday giftt are still very pretty!- Labradorite (grey with some flash)- Rose Qu birthday giftartz (pink)- Red Sapphire (red)- Grey Sapphire (grey)- Green Sapphire (green)- Silver Pearls (silver)- Green Aventu birthday giftrine (green)- Iolite (indigo)- Lapis (dark blu birthday gifte with gold flecks)- Hemaite (metallic black)- Su birthday giftnstone (orange with some flash)- Carnelian (orange)- Alexandrite (green with some flash)- Black Spinel (black)Additional Information:It's ready for gift giving in a box nestled inside an organza pou birthday giftch.Each piece was individu birthday giftally made with love in my stu birthday giftdio in Wisconsin. As with all gemstones, there is some variation in the stones, this is normal and not a defect.All props, inclu birthday giftding the crystals in the photos, are not inclu birthday giftded. :)All items u birthday giftsu birthday giftally ship within a week. If you birthday gift need it qu birthday giftickly, please pu birthday giftrchase the USPS priority shipping u birthday giftpgrade, (USA only). Thank you birthday gift!

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