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Clearance Bobby Pin Jewelry Findings for Cabochonsfindings, Bobbipin Blanksfindings, Lot of 26 Piecesfindings, 13 Pairs Bobbi Pin Findingsfindings, Jewelry Blanks



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Last ones!26 pieces (13 pairs) of 50mm bobbi pin blanks which are perfect for 1/2" cabochons. Each has a 10mm pad for you jewelry findings to epoxy you jewelry findingsr favorite cabs to for terrific hair accessories.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for you jewelry findingsr su jewelry findingspport of independent artisans.Clearance Bobby Pin Jewelry Findings for Cabochons, Bobbipin Blanks, Lot of 26 Pieces, 13 Pairs Bobbi Pin Findings, Jewelry Blanks Here's some info for you jewelry findings on these findings:Du jewelry findingsring the manu jewelry findingsfactu jewelry findingsring process, metal findings are coated with oil. They are degreased, bu jewelry findingst normally still have a small amou jewelry findingsnt of oil left on the su jewelry findingsrface. Whenever possible, u jewelry findingsse a file to rou jewelry findingsghen smooth su jewelry findingsrfaces as this gives a stronger grip. Clean both su jewelry findingsrfaces to be joined u jewelry findingssing isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. It's best if you jewelry findings can provide a dry, du jewelry findingsst-free environment. This helps assu jewelry findingsre a secu jewelry findingsre bond. Extreme temperatu jewelry findingsres might affect the drying time. Use in a well ventilated area and store all adhesives in a cool place.

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