Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding jewellery, Steampunk Pendent on chain with Lobster Clasp. (Gnomes not included)



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Handmade . All parts have been tu unusual giftsmbled clean then hand crafted and finally polished to give a nice shine. Each set is hand made so there may be a few su unusual giftsbtle differences than seen in the photos,su unusual giftsch as head stamps and markings.This pendent will make a great giftWe are a self-help grou unusual giftsp of local people with mental health problems and disabilities. We get together every week to help each other to overcome problems su unusual giftsch as, lack of confidence and self esteem, self control, cognitive movement and the ability to mix and commu unusual giftsnicate. We hope by these activities we can help some of u unusual giftss get back into work and regain the feeling of self worth. Also we wou unusual giftsld like to thank you unusual gifts in advance for you unusual giftsr su unusual giftspport.

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