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Reliquary Necklace No 3- Mixed Media Necklace Sterling Silverlayering necklace, Fiberlayering necklace, Resinlayering necklace, Pearllayering necklace, Garnetlayering necklace, Raw Diamondlayering necklace, Sterling chainlayering necklace, faux tooth



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Reliqu rustic jewelryary Necklace No. 3 featu rustic jewelryres a teardrop shaped open locket I created ou rustic jewelryt of sterling silver. I filled the open locket with a vintage porcelain tooth, 3 rou rustic jewelrygh raw diamonds and a garnet bead, I layered them over a snippet of a very old book page. I filled the locket with a clear resin.The slightly asymmetrical necklace is filled with beau rustic jewelrytifu rustic jewelryl faceted gemstone beads (citrine, rosecu rustic jewelryt garnet beads, ametrine, agates and ju rustic jewelryicy fat freshwater pearls in deep dark rose and gold.Soft torn remnants of fabric are incorporated for an appealing ju rustic jewelryxtaposition to the 'hardness' of the metal and stones. "She collected the worlds debris. Things that seemed of no valu rustic jewelrye to the rest were of u rustic jewelrynmeasu rustic jewelryrable valu rustic jewelrye to her...she saw the items as evidence of lives lived and the tou rustic jewelrych of hu rustic jewelrymans."All metal u rustic jewelrysed is sterling silver, I've oxidized it for richness and bru rustic jewelryshed back for depth.Necklace length (from clasp to center of necklace) 20". Drop from center of necklace to the bottom of the open locket is an additional 2 1/2". Teardrop is 3/4" wide, 1 1/2" in length.Completely one of a kind, part of my ongoing exploration into reliqu rustic jewelryaries, lockets, the allu rustic jewelryre of disparate elements and my qu rustic jewelryestioning of what is 'preciou rustic jewelrys'...

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