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Tooled Leather Cuff Bracelet With Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Mushroom Medallionhandmade cuff, Western Jewelryhandmade cuff, Leather Jewelry



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Beau genuine leathertifu genuine leatherl hand tooled and engraved leather cu genuine leatherff with mu genuine leathershrooms engraved on sterling silver. Hand stamped, engraved, and stained. Finished with a flexible, du genuine leatherrable water-resistant acrylic su genuine leatherrface coating. The leather has been conditioned for a soft lu genuine leatherxu genuine leatherriou genuine leathers feel.Please Pick Size.All my leather produ genuine leathercts, cabochons, and silver items are handcrafted with care in my stu genuine leatherdio. 14-day retu genuine leatherrn policy, lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See More Items Here: https://www./shop/Stu genuine leatherdioBeharaFollow me on: Facebook: genuine leatherdioBehara/

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