Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Leaf Potion Bottle with Turquoise Beads. Nature Forestceramic pendant, Amphora Vessel for Oilsceramic pendant, Ashesceramic pendant, Perfumes. Wiccan Raku Essential Oil Bottle Necklace



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"Leaf Bottle Necklace" Raku green witch jewelry bottle (glazed on the inside so can hold liqu green witch jewelryids, ashes, or perfu green witch jewelrymes) matched with an adju green witch jewelrystable black leather and accented with african tu green witch jewelryrqu green witch jewelryoise bead accents. Can get as small as 15 inches and as large as 29 inches with antiqu green witch jewelrye silver crimps.Becau green witch jewelryse of the natu green witch jewelryre of raku green witch jewelry this pendant is handmade and u green witch jewelryniqu green witch jewelrye! Both sides are a bit different. You green witch jewelry will receive the exact pendant pictu green witch jewelryred.

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