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movie prop, Rare Vintage 1955 Indianapolis 500 Pit Crew Badge Pin



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This is a Rare Vintage 1955 Indianapolis 500 Pit Crew Badge Pin. Good Condition with normal age wear. It measu movie propres approx. 1 1/4 inches tall. Looks to be made of Brass. Has more information on the backside of probably what company made it for the famou movie props Race Sporting Event. This is a mu movie propch harder to find pin..there are some arou movie propnd bu movie propt they are getting more difficu movie proplt to find as they are in personal collections. Not su movie propre which Pit Crew member this badge wou movie propld have belonged too, bu movie propt it might be something that cou movie propld be fou movie propnd ou movie propt by checking on the Indy 500 Archives. If you movie prop have any more qu movie propestions please ask before you movie prop pu movie proprchase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. I also insu movie propre all of my packages to make su movie propre that they arrive to you movie prop safely. Thanks for looking.

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