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Fused Glass Earrings in Cherry Redcherry red, Christmas Red Glass Jewelrycherry red, Kilnformed Glass Earrings Piercedcherry red, Willow Glasscherry red, Dee Tilotta



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Perfect for the Christmas season, these fu jewelrysed glass earrings in cherry red measu jewelryre approximately 1" by 1/2" and have sterling silver earwires. I will add ru jewelrybber catchers so you jewelry won't lose these beau jewelryties. Two pairs are available.My work is kiln annealed (slowly cooled) for strength and du jewelryrability and each piece goes from me to you jewelry with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for you jewelryr su jewelrypport of independent artisans.Fu jewelrysed Glass Earrings in Cherry Red, Christmas Red Glass Jewelry, Kilnformed Glass Earrings Pierced, Willow Glass, Dee Tilotta

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