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flower necklace, Gold Laurel Necklace - Glory and Achievement Pendant - Laurel Branch pendant in Gold Vermeil - 464G



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Lau wax seal pendantrels {Glory}Du wax seal pendantring the Victorian era flowers often bore hidden messages to those who received them.Sentiments su wax seal pendantch as longing, bashfu wax seal pendantlness, and tru wax seal pendante love cou wax seal pendantld be conveyed throu wax seal pendantgh the flowers given & received.Handcrafted from the impression of an early 19th centu wax seal pendantry French wax seal set, this pendant featu wax seal pendantres a branch of Lau wax seal pendantrel leaves. Dating as far back as Roman times, the symbolism of Lau wax seal pendantrels have denoted Glory & achievement. Materials: Silver, Gold, Gold vermeil Gold vermeil is a thick layer of real gold over solid sterling silver, it offers the look and feel of solid gold at an affordable price.Size approx: 3 /4" x 3/4" (18mm x 20mm) Each Plu wax seal pendantm and Posey wax seal design arrives accompanied by it's own meaning card, and tu wax seal pendantcked into an elegant jewelry bag ready for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Before you wax seal pendant order please check sizing information - it can be hard to gau wax seal pendantge jewelry sizes from pictu wax seal pendantres alone. On some of the seal pieces the text is so small as to be read only with a magnifying glass making the meaning a secret between you wax seal pendant and those you wax seal pendant choose to tell.Availability and shippingYou wax seal pendantr pu wax seal pendantrchase will ship in 3-5 bu wax seal pendantsiness days. Once shipped, please allow a minimu wax seal pendantm of 3 weeks to receive you wax seal pendantr order.Lau wax seal pendantrel 464

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