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mclain, Amethyst Tourmaline Pin Rustic Solar Disc brooch handwrought in sterling silver and married metals



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One of a kind pin ( brooch ) handwrou tourmaline broochght in sterling silver and married metals with genu tourmaline broochine amethyst and tou tourmaline broochrmaline cabs . Maybe a focal pendant for you tourmaline broochr beadwork by Cathleen McLain (McLainJewelry). This is one of my classic circle pins. This wou tourmaline broochld make the perfect gift! It is artsy yet conservative enou tourmaline broochgh to be work with bu tourmaline broochsiness wear.This pin cou tourmaline broochld also be worn as a pendant pinned on a cord or chain. If you tourmaline brooch wish to pu tourmaline broochrchase a separate sterling bail to wear this secu tourmaline broochrely as a pendant on a chain ($6.. no extra ship) Convo me and I will add it to the paypal invoice. If you tourmaline brooch are a jewelry artist who makes beaded necklaces, feel free to u tourmaline broochse my pins as central pieces for you tourmaline brooch creations, ju tourmaline broochst mention my name when advertising the finished piece.The highly textu tourmaline broochred swirly silver su tourmaline broochrface is accented with a patina finish that flashes hu tourmaline brooches from antiqu tourmaline brooche silver to bronze. The pin is lacqu tourmaline broochered for permanence.

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