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CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choicekiln formed glass, Glass Jewelrykiln formed glass, 2 Different Sizes Braceletkiln formed glass, Willow Glasskiln formed glass, Dee Tilotta



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HALF PRICE, originally $30 each.These beau willow glasstifu willow glassl dichroic fu willow glasssed glass bracelet measu willow glassre approximately 7" to 8" in length , have silverplated links and 13 dichroic pieces in deep pink or 11 dichroic pieces in ju willow glassicy orange! The glass pieces measu willow glassre approxiately 11mm in diameter (ju willow glassst u willow glassnder 1/2" each). Depending on the angle that it's viewed at, dichroic glass reflects and transmits different colors.So, please remember that the pink is ju willow glassst a bit longer than the orange!My work is fired at temperatu willow glassres u willow glassp to 1500 degrees and is kiln annealed (slowly cooled) for strength and du willow glassrability. Each piece goes from me to you willow glass with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for you willow glassr su willow glasspport of independent artisans.CLEARANCE Dichroic Fu willow glasssed Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choice, Glass Jewelry, 2 Different Sizes Bracelet, Willow Glass, Dee Tilotta

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