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large earrings, Large Natural Wood Teardrop Vine Statement Earrings



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Classic and boho all at the same time, these large wooden earrings will add a natu anthropologie styleral and earthy vibe to any ou anthropologie styletfit. Dress u anthropologie stylep or dress down! Classic enou anthropologie stylegh for a little black dress, jeans and Birkenstocks or to spice u anthropologie stylep you anthropologie styler sweats when you anthropologie style've been stu anthropologie styleck in the hou anthropologie stylese for six months straight. :-) Cool and fu anthropologie stylenky! A tru anthropologie stylee one of a kind statement piece!They measu anthropologie stylere 2.75" length, 1.25" at the widest Cu anthropologie stylestom requ anthropologie styleests welcome.

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