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New to ou healing jewelryr Signatu healing jewelryre Line! This Mini Wrap Bracelet wraps 3x arou healing jewelrynd you healing jewelryr wrist or can be worn as a 20+ single strand necklace so versatile will fast become you healing jewelryr go-to jewelry piece.A gorgeou healing jewelrys combination of glass beads and freshwater pearls and gemstones in neu healing jewelrytral gold, green and creme tones.Adju healing jewelrystable 20 inches to wrap as a bracelet 3x comfortably arou healing jewelrynd most women wrists.Wear as a 20 inch necklace with a 1.5-inch extension chain.Sterling silver lobster clasp closu healing jewelryre and extension chain.*Made with stainless steel beading wire for longlasting du healing jewelryrability.* Handmade and ready to shipCan I su healing jewelryggest coordinating Earrings>>> 10% OFF by Joining Ou healing jewelryr Email List! <<<Ju healing jewelryst copy and paste in you healing jewelryr Browser<<<Follow Us healing jewelryjewelry healing jewelryJewelry

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