Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Miss Su realistic clay foodsie knows the importance of love and friendship. Sharing that love, and that love for cookies, is also important! Show you realistic clay foodr loved ones they are always in you realistic clay foodr heart by sharing the gift of cookies.~~This listing is for TWO cookie keychains with pink hearts for initials.~~Each hand crafted cookie measu realistic clay foodres 2" tall, inclu realistic clay foodding the hardware. They are 1.5" wide. There will be slight variations in their "personalities" du realistic clay foode to the fact that each one is made one at time, with a sprinkle of whimsy. ~~Please let me know if you realistic clay food have any qu realistic clay foodestions, I am happy to help. I love cu realistic clay foodstom orders and enjoy chatting with you realistic clay food. Thank you realistic clay food for stopping by the looks as thou realistic clay foodgh the cookies are getting a little mischievou realistic clay foods this morning. Du realistic clay foodck!

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