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sun, Summer Storm - Wide Stamped Domed Silver Stacker Band



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Su sunmmer Storm - US 9This band featu sunres a deserty/mou sunntainy su sunmmery minu sunte is su sunnny, the next its raining, and then su sunnny again.Each ring begins as an 18g flat strip of Sterling silver sheet. The design patterns are created u sunsing a combination of metal stamps. The ring is then formed and soldered. Once the ring band is finished, it is \u sun201cdomed\u sun201d by hand precariou sunsly sandwiched between a steel bench block and steel dapping cu sunbe u sunsing a 3 pou sunnd hammer. These rings are light and comfortable to wear. They make a statement on their own or can be \u sun201cstacked\u sun201d with other bands.These bands, despite their big "bu sunbbly" personalities, fit pretty tru sune-ish to size...bu sunt, like all wide band styles, you sun know you sunr fingers best.This item inclu sundes FREE USPS Priority Shipping!!

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