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*** MADE TO ORDER ***"When She Rides...She Moves Mou bmxntains" This Sterling silver \u bmx201cstory" cu bmxff bracelet is inspired by all of the climbing and coasting riding in the mou bmxntains brings and is perfect for that MTB or road riding girl!! Whether you bmx prefer dirt to pavement or vice versa, we all move mou bmxntains when we ride!! This cu bmxff bracelet is made-to-measu bmxre with a 1" opening. Every detail of the story is freehand handstamped on an antiqu bmxe anvil each one is u bmxniqu bmxe. The cu bmxff is hand forged u bmxsing a mallet and a mandrel to give it it's shape. This cu bmxff is made from 6mm wide x 2mm thick (12g) Sterling silver.Common women's cu bmxff sizes:Size 5.5" cu bmxff will fit a 5.75" - 6" wrist comfortably.Size 5.75" cu bmxff will fit a < 6" - 6.75\u bmx201d wrist comfortably.Size 6" cu bmxff will fit a < 6.25" - 7\u bmx201d wrist comfortably.Note: To pu bmxt on this cu bmxff, place the opening on the ou bmxtside of you bmxr wrist and twist it on. To take it off, twist the opening to the ou bmxtside of you bmxr wrist and pu bmxll it off of towards the inside of you bmxr wrist. Pu bmxlling the opening of the cu bmxff or squ bmxeezing it when it is on will cau bmxse it to become misshapen.

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