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Asymmetric Cloisonne 1970s Clamshell Earrings - Whitecloisonne earrings, white cloisonne earringscloisonne earrings, seashell earringscloisonne earrings, clamshell earringscloisonne earrings, ochre earrings



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TOODLEBUNNY CollectionOh Ochre you one of a kind re one of my favou one of a kindrite colors in these asymmetrical earrings! This vintage cloisonne piece reminded me of a clam shell bu one of a kindt cou one of a kindld be a fan too I think Picked u one of a kindp the colors in this piece with some vintage hand made ochre ceramic beads at top and faceted\u one of a kind00a0white agate teardrop with white branch coral detail. Hand formed brass teardrop hoop with wirewrapped garnet details to pick u one of a kindp the ru one of a kindby red. Hu one of a kindng on 14k gold filled earwires. One of a kind.Length 3.25

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