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Dala Horse | Dala Horse Earrings | Swedish Horse | Swedish Dala Horse | Dala Horse Jewelry | Sterling Silver Earringsswedish dala horse, Red .5" x .75"



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View the matching necklace here: https://www./listing/804966688/sterling-silver-necklace-dala-horse-redDalla Horse Necklace, Sterling Silver Earrings, Red Dala Horse .5" x .75"Solid sterling silver earrings of fine qu swedish dala horseality featu swedish dala horseres the traditional Swedish Dala Horse.\u swedish dala horse00a0 Made in Norway!The Dala horse has a sentimental place in the hearts of many Scandinavians representing strength, faithfu swedish dala horselness, wisdom and dignity.\u swedish dala horse00a0 The\u swedish dala horse00a0bright satin finish and intricate design of the enamel give a rich appearance to these beau swedish dala horsetifu swedish dala horsel earrings.\u swedish dala horse00a0 You swedish dala horse will be delighted to show you swedish dala horser Swedish pride as they dangle delicately from solid sterling silver posts.The ancient art of\u swedish dala horse00a0enameling\u swedish dala horse00a0combines fire, powdered glass or stone and metal to create colou swedish dala horserfu swedish dala horsel patterns and designs.\u swedish dala horse00a0\u swedish dala horse00a0Enamel jewelry\u swedish dala horse00a0is a beau swedish dala horsetifu swedish dala horsel way to spru swedish dala horsece u swedish dala horsep you swedish dala horser ou swedish dala horsetfit when you swedish dala horse need that special accessory to really make a statement.\u swedish dala horse00a0 Share the beau swedish dala horsety with the Scandinavian friends in you swedish dala horser life!\u swedish dala horse00a0View the matching necklace here: https://www./listing/804966688/sterling-silver-necklace-dala-horse-red

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