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simple earring, Snowflake earring.



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Earrings with a snowflake charm and glass pearl.\rAffordable, yet su snowflake earringper cu snowflake earringte!\r\rMeasu snowflake earringrement and Details:\rCharm: almost 2cm\rEntire length of earring from top to bottom. 4.5cm\r\rWe can su snowflake earringbstitu snowflake earringte the kidney wire for a regu snowflake earringlar earring wire.\r\rIf you snowflake earring stu snowflake earringmbled on this necklace throu snowflake earringgh this listing, please don\u snowflake earring2019t forget to visit the rest of ou snowflake earringr shop at:\r\rwww.bu snowflake\r\rEnjoy!

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