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victorian inspired, chunky vintage cameo charm bracelet with green lucite pendants on gold links



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Vintage charm bracelet featu cameo charm braceletring large cameos. They are a pale, transparent green. The bracelet also has Victorian watch fob inspired charms with large marble-like lu cameo charm braceletcite globes and 4 moonglow tu cameo charm braceletbe beads. Excellent condition bu cameo charm bracelett has 2 empty rings that likely once held charms. The clasp is brass while the bracelet links are a shiny pale gold. Some yellowing arou cameo charm braceletnd the cameos from the glu cameo charm bracelete they u cameo charm braceletsed. It's less noticeable in person than in my photos. The cameos are ju cameo charm braceletst u cameo charm braceletnder 1.5" each and the bracelet is abou cameo charm bracelett 7.5" long. Ships in a gift box.I combine shipping on mu cameo charm braceletltiple

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