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4 Glass Rings with Japanese Washi Paperchiyogami, Adjustable Ring in Glasschiyogami, SALEchiyogami, Glass Jewelrychiyogami, Clearance Salechiyogami, Willow Glass



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Clearance Sale on 4 one-of-a-kind adju paperstable combining glass with beau papertifu paperl Japanese washi/chiyogami paper. The glass rings measu paperre approx. 7/8" (22mm) and are on adju paperstable silverplated ring blanks which can adju paperst from abou papert a size 4 to abou papert a size 8. You paper will get the 4 rings pictu paperred and please keep in mind these are fu papern rings and won't last forever. I have pu papert a glaze on the back to seal the paper to the glass, so if it gets wet, it won't last as long. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for you paperr su paperpport of independent artisans. **once the ring is adju paperstable to you paperr size, don't bend it back and forth becau paperse it will weaken the metal**4 Glass Rings with Japanese Washi Paper, Adju paperstable Ring in Glass, SALE, Glass Jewelry, Clearance Sale, Willow Glass

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