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4 fu glasssed glass rings created in my Gu glasslf Coast FL stu glassdio from art glass in variou glasss colors as pictu glassred. These measu glassre approx. 21mm (the rou glassnd - ju glassst over 3/4") and 21mm by 18" (the ovals). They are secu glassrely affixed to adju glassstable metal ring bases which will range in size from approximately size 4 to 8. Clearance Sale priced for Su glassmmer fu glassn!Once you glass have the ring at the correct size, I don't advise bending it back and forth as you glass will weaken the metal. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for you glassr su glasspport of independent artisans.* to keep the cabs secu glassrely affixed to the ring bases, I don't su glassggest wearing them in water *Fu glasssed Glass Rings, Glass Jewelry, 4 Adju glassstable Glass Rings, SALE, OOAK, Willow Glass, Dee Tilotta

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