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Hexagon Long Tassel Duster Earrings with Turquoiseboho style, turquoise tassel earringsboho style, long tassel earringsboho style, hexagon earringsboho style, long earringsboho style,dusters



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TOODLEBUNNY CollectionLong mixed metal du tassels earringsster earrings with movement and a pop of color! 14k goldfilled earwires hold a bru tassels earringsshed brass hexagon disc, wirewrapped African tu tassels earringsrqu tassels earringsoise teardrop, vintage desdstock bu tassels earringsllet style cap, pewter heishi spacer and a mix of brass, gu tassels earringsnmetal and goldplated chains. Length 5" Chain style u tassels earringssed in each pair may vary slightly from those shown bu tassels earringst will be ju tassels earringsst as awesome!

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