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brutalist brooch, Arts & Crafts Vintage 1930's Pin with Nouveau Design Brooch



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This is a u faux coral broochniqu faux coral brooche vintage 1930's brooch that is made of (what appears to be) bronze, althou faux coral broochgh it looks like silver over brass. I\u faux coral brooch2019m not su faux coral broochre honestly. The \u faux coral brooch201cstone\u faux coral brooch201d is glass. The fu faux coral broochn design is an arts and crafts style with a bit of machine age influ faux coral broochence. It featu faux coral broochres a cu faux coral broochrved design which has been accented by a fau faux coral broochx coral stone. An older piece, most likely made du faux coral broochring the later arts and crafts movement of the thirties and forties. Unsigned.Measu faux coral broochres 3-1/4" x 1 1/4".In very good condition. Clasp works properly and holds tight. It appears to have an old solder mark. Qu faux coral broochite heavy, best worn on a sweater, coat or jacket.

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