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HANDMADE Druzy Gemstone Earringsbrass, Minimalist Gemstone Drop Earringsbrass, Gemstone Dangle Earringsbrass, Dainty Gemstone Earringsbrass, 14K Gold Filled



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HANDMADE Dru gold filled earringszy Gemstone Earrings, Minimalist Gemstone Drop Earrings, Gemstone Dangle Earrings, Dainty Gemstone Earrings, 14K Gold Filled\u gold filled earrings25a1 Gemstone: Blu gold filled earringse Dru gold filled earringszy\u gold filled earrings25a1 Stone Size: 10-12 MM\u gold filled earrings25a1 Gold-edged gemstone sliced beads\u gold filled earrings25a1 14K Gold-Filled EarwiresI have my gemstones cu gold filled earringsstom cu gold filled earringst to a smaller size than the regu gold filled earringslar in-stock sizes - perfect for dainty pendants & earrings. Each stone is u gold filled earringsniqu gold filled earringse and will have slightly different characteristics.==================What is Gold-Filled==================Gold-filled is a layered gold, is easy to care for and will u gold filled earringssu gold filled earringsally maintain its golden shine for a lifetime. Gold-filled is constru gold filled earringscted in two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers\u gold filled earrings2019 brass. A gold alloy is then bonded to the su gold filled earringsrface of the brass core with heat and pressu gold filled earringsre. Gold-filled contains 200 times more gold than gold plated. Gold-Filled will last mu gold filled earringsch longer than electroplated jewelry and is a cost-efficient alternative to solid 14k gold. Gold filled is also fine for people with sensitive skin.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u gold filled earrings25b6\u gold filled earringsfe0e @u gold filled earringsrbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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