Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Raw Gemstone Ringraw gemstone ring, Citrineraw gemstone ring, Carnelian & Fluorite Ringraw gemstone ring, Large Stone Ringraw gemstone ring, Statement Ringraw gemstone ring, Rough Stone Ringraw gemstone ring, Triple Stone Ring



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Beau handmade jewelrytifu handmade jewelryl rou handmade jewelrygh-cu handmade jewelryt gemstones set in a 24K overlay on natu handmade jewelryral brass - Triple Stone\u handmade jewelry25a1 Gemstones: Blu handmade jewelrye Kyanite, Malachite, Citrine\u handmade jewelry25a1 24K Gold overlay on Brass\u handmade jewelry25a1 Size: 6.5 with slight adju handmade jewelrystabilityI have my gemstones cu handmade jewelrystom cu handmade jewelryt & designed & gemstones are raw cu handmade jewelryt, meaning they are not faceted & polished & remain in their original rou handmade jewelrygh & natu handmade jewelryral beau handmade jewelryty.Packaged in a beau handmade jewelrytifu handmade jewelryl little ring box-----------------------------------------Instagram \u handmade jewelry25b6\u handmade jewelryfe0e @u handmade jewelryrbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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