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ammolite pendant, Ammolite in gold.Ammolite pendant.Bright four color rainbow in gold.See description below.#060510



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For those that look for best qu rainbow ammoliteality in an ammolite pendant.The ammolite.A 14x10mm ammolite gem of the mu rainbow ammolitech admired rainbow type which requ rainbow ammoliteires three colors and brightness to attain top grade.This beau rainbow ammolitety has all that plu rainbow ammolites one more color to make it a fou rainbow ammoliter color ammolite and it has fine color shifting properties too.The setting.An elegant rabbit eared basket setting of 10k yellow gold elevated by a 3mm diamond cu rainbow ammolitet sapphire at the tip which reprises the blu rainbow ammolitee in the ammolite and brings sparkle too.A thou rainbow ammoliteghtfu rainbow ammolitel jewelry gift for wife?\u rainbow ammolite2014 birthday gift?--anniversary gift?\u rainbow ammolite2014 or pamper you rainbow ammoliterself?

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