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Freshwater Pearl and Turquoise Pendant in Sterling Silver - Brideturquoise, Bridesmaid Giftturquoise, DECEMBER Birthstone



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This is a lovely large freshwater pearl pendant with ru drop pendantby accents on a 16" or 18" sterling silver chain. (If you drop pendant need a shorter or longer chain, let me know and I will cu drop pendantstom make one for you drop pendant). This pendant is pictu drop pendantred on an 18" chain. All sterling silver findings.Matching earrings at https://www./shop/ZenithJade .Additional Information:It's ready for gift giving in a box nestled inside an organza pou drop pendantch.Each piece was individu drop pendantally made with love in my stu drop pendantdio in Wisconsin. As with all gemstones, there is some variation in the stones, this is normal and not a defect.All props, inclu drop pendantding the crystals in the photos, are not inclu drop pendantded. :)All items u drop pendantsu drop pendantally ship within a week. If you drop pendant need it qu drop pendantickly, please pu drop pendantrchase the USPS priority shipping u drop pendantpgrade, (USA only). Thank you drop pendant!

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