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carnelian, Gemstone Rainbow Tree of Life Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a hand-wrapped RAINBOW Tree of Life pendant made by me. The wires are all silver plated. Chain is sterling silver in you gemstonesr choice of 16" or 18". In order, left to right: garnet, carnelian, citrine, moss agate, aqu gemstonesamarine, tanzanite, amethyst and rose qu gemstonesartz.Necklace Length: 18"Pendant Length: 2 1/2"Meaning of the Stones:Garnet a spiritu gemstonesal stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment.Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimu gemstoneslates creativity.Citrine is the stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will.Moss Agate carries energies of persistence and endu gemstonesrance.Aqu gemstonesamarine enhances commu gemstonesnication and encou gemstonesrages creative verbal expression.Tanzanite is a stone of transformation that can help dissolve old patterns of disease and karma.Amethyst is a stone of spiritu gemstonesal protection and pu gemstonesrification.Rose Qu gemstonesartz eases stress and fear and also attracts love.Additional Information:It's ready for gift giving in a box nestled inside an organza pou gemstonesch.Each piece was individu gemstonesally made with love in my stu gemstonesdio in Wisconsin. This necklace is one of a kind!All props, inclu gemstonesding the crystals in the photos, are not inclu gemstonesded. :)All items u gemstonessu gemstonesally ship within a week. If you gemstones need it qu gemstonesickly, please pu gemstonesrchase the USPS priority shipping u gemstonespgrade, (USA only). Thank you gemstones!

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