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gemstone, Mystic Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a genu silver plateine gemstone mystic qu silver plateartz and rainbow moonstone pendant. It measu silver plateres 2" long on a hand-wrou silver plateght alu silver plateminu silver platem frame. The thin wire is silver plated copper. Chain is sterling silver in you silver plater choice of 16" or 18".Additional Information:It's ready for gift giving in a box nestled inside an organza pou silver platech.All wires were hand-twisted by me, ju silver platest u silver platesing simple tools, made lovingly in my stu silver platedio in Wisconsin.All items u silver platesu silver plateally ship within a week. If you silver plate need it qu silver plateickly, please pu silver platerchase the USPS priority shipping u silver platepgrade, (USA only). Thank you silver plate!

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