Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Early 1940's Green GLASS Necklaceopaque green glass, Vintage ART DECO Choker with Rhinestones



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This little choker has light green glass beads and a central stone of light green glass su flapper necklacerrou flapper necklacended by rhinestones all set in Silver tone. It is a sweet piece from the early 1940s. Sadly, it has a flaw in the central stone which I didn\u flapper necklace2019t notice u flapper necklacentil the bright lights of my camera flashed on it. I honestly never noticed this before so it is hardly noticeable when you flapper necklace\u flapper necklace2019re wearing it, I promise you flapper necklace.Measu flapper necklaceres 16\u flapper necklace201d long.Like this item and looking for more like it? Search ou flapper necklacer pages and pages of great vintage here on Incogneeto vintage!

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