Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brown wood beads, Wood beads Turquoise Aqua Czech glass Chinese Crystal Wood beads Gemstones Long Layering beaded necklace or wrapped bracelet



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Great pieces to add to you layering necklacer fashion accessory collection. Simple Long layering beaded necklace (rosary style) or wrapped braceletSTYLESA = Faceted Aqu layering necklacea metallic Czech glass wire wrapped in premiu layering necklacem antiqu layering necklacee brass plated copper wireB = Rectangu layering necklacelar wooden block beads and faceted tu layering necklacerqu layering necklaceoise howlite gemstones individu layering necklaceally hand wire wrapped in premiu layering necklacem qu layering necklaceality brass plated copper wire. ( 35 inches )All necklaces are fastens with a plated brass lobster claw clasp.- Can be worn as one long strand or dou layering necklaceble strand necklace. Great for layering with other necklaces in my shop.- It can be wrapped mu layering necklaceltiple times arou layering necklacend you layering necklacer wrist for a mu layering necklacelti strand bracelet look.All jewelry pieces will arrive in a amethyst satin fabric drawstring pou layering necklacech. If it a present for someone special , free gift boxes are available. It is white glossy gift box with signatu layering necklacere pu layering necklacerple organza ribbon and wisteria paper raffia banding. *** Ju layering necklacest send me a message with you layering necklacer order that you layering necklace wou layering necklaceld like gift boxes**ENTER JEWELRY SHOP https://www./shop/BelhavenStu layering necklacediosLike and follow u layering necklaces on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Special Offers layering necklacedios/ layering necklacedios/ layering necklacedios/ANDPin with u layering necklaces ! layering necklacedios/****These pictu layering necklaceres are enlarged to show the details. Also are taken different times of the day, changing of light will differ the coloring of the jewelry piece.Please consider different monitors or viewing devices may depict color differently.

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