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Real Botanical Earrings made from genu botanical earringsine leaves & gilded by hand with colorfu botanical earringsl metallic\u botanical earrings25a1 Sizes: Ranging between 1.5" - 1.75"\u botanical earrings25a1 Color: Yellow Gold\u botanical earrings25a1 Material: Genu botanical earringsine Electroplated Leaves\u botanical earrings25a1 Matching ear wires.===============DESCRIPTION===============Becau botanical earringsse the leaves are real & gilded by hand with colorfu botanical earringsl metal leaf, each pair will vary slightly from the photograph bu botanical earringst are equ botanical earringsally as beau botanical earringstifu botanical earringsl and u botanical earringsniqu botanical earringsely one-of-a-kind. These real leaf earrings are very lightweight, du botanical earringsrable & wafer-like & even more beau botanical earringstifu botanical earringsl in person.For more gilded leaves: \u botanical earrings25b6\u botanical earringsfe0e https://www./shop/u botanical earringsrbanrose?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=25233984-----------------------------------------Instagram \u botanical earrings25b6\u botanical earringsfe0e @u botanical earringsrbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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