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Amazing ART DECO 1940's Broochincogneeto, 40s Sterling Silver ONYX and Marcasite Pinincogneeto, w Intricate Open Cutworkincogneeto, Statement Piece!



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Made in the 1940's, this amazing vintage brooch has terrific Art Deco cu sterling marcasitetwork that is laden with marcasite stones. The genu sterling marcasiteine stone in the center is a Large, black onyx cabachon stone. This statement piece is fabu sterling marcasitelou sterling marcasites and large! All of the marcasites are intact and the piece is in perfect condition. The safety catch in the back works beau sterling marcasitetifu sterling marcasitelly. There are three hallmarks on the back. One says Sterling, there is a copyright symbol, and another that is probably the maker\u sterling marcasite2019s hallmark, althou sterling marcasitegh I don\u sterling marcasite2019t know who that is.It measu sterling marcasiteres 2 3/4\u sterling marcasite201d x 1 3/4\u sterling marcasite201d.highly collectible and certainly wearable. Ju sterling marcasitest gorgeou sterling marcasites!

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