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handmade earrings, Minimal Sterling Silver Circle Stud Earrings with Ethiopian Brass Detail



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Beau circle earringstifu circle earringsl little handcrafted stu circle earringsd earrings featu circle earringsring Ethiopian brass. Polished to high shine.Happiness is, when you circle earrings as a cu circle earringsstomer are thrilled with you circle earringsr pu circle earringsrchase and hopefu circle earringslly love to wear my handcrafted jewelry.If there is any reason to not be 100% satisfied with you circle earringsr pu circle earringsrchase PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. I' am certain that all pieces can be adju circle earringssted and I will be happy to do so. This will eliminate any problems you circle earrings might have with you circle earringsr order and will help me to bu circle earringsild my shop. :)You circle earringsr item(s) will be shipped via USPS First Class, u circle earringsnless you circle earrings have other preferences. Please send me a note before ordering.You circle earrings will receive a notice with a tracking nu circle earringsmber after you circle earringsr item(s) is shipped. - Please dou circle earringsble check you circle earringsr shipping address before ordering to avoid any prolonged shipping time.- Track you circle earringsr package to know, when to expect it. - Leave a note at the door/ mailbox for the delivery person to leave you circle earringsr package at a tru circle earringssted neighbor's hou circle earringsse, if you circle earrings are not home at the day/time of delivery.Generally I will not refu circle earringsnd any items that might be lost or stolen at/in mailbox, bu circle earringst will help investigate with the local post office.

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