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ABALONEwoman, LONGwoman, Emeraldwoman, Turquoise Crystalwoman, Gold EARRINGS



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This pair of earrings is gu earringsaranteed \u earrings201cone of a kind in the world\u earrings201d. It has the opalescent qu earringsality that the red abalone is known for and why it is called \u earrings201copal of the sea\u earrings201d.Swarovski crystals and Czech faceted glass beads are in emerald green and tu earringsrqu earringsoise with tou earringsches of amethyst and gold filled beads.Each one of the eight small abalone drops are natu earringsral fou earringsnd by u earringss along the ru earringsgged Northern California coast. The post backs are hypoallergenic su earringsrgical steel with nickel-free clu earringstches. The posts are notched which provides a secu earringsre fit.The earrings are approximately \u earrings00be inch wide x 3 inches long. (1.9 cm x 7.6 cm)The top piece of shell is 1/8 inch thick. (.32 cm)

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