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Hanafudago stop, Hwatu Card Earrings--September/ Kiku (菊go stop, chrysanthemum)



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***Du hanafudae to Covid-19 Stay In Place in ou hanafudar city, all orders will be shipped ou hanafudat after April 8th. Thank you hanafuda and stay healthy! xo--Silver plated ear wire.--Oval card size: 1.75" x 1.25" I\u hanafuda2019ve been making Hanafu hanafudada card jewelry since 2004. Known in Sou hanafudath Korea as Hwatu hanafuda and Saku hanafudara in Hawaii. I\u hanafuda2019ve shipped them all over the world and wondered why people sou hanafudaght them ou hanafudat. I kind of lost interest in them and moved onto newer designs bu hanafudat kept a cou hanafudaple of items on #etsy. A bu hanafudaddy of mine yesterday mentioned that #nintendo started manu hanafudafactu hanafudaring them a long time ago, before they started making video games. I ju hanafudast looked at their Wikipedia page and it\u hanafuda2019s fascinating. Playing cards were introdu hanafudaced to Japan by the Portu hanafudagu hanafudaese in the mid-16th centu hanafudary. These cards and gambling in general were banned by the government. The card designs kept changing, in a game of cat and mou hanafudase with the au hanafudathorities. Each time the designs got more and more abstract. \u hanafudad83d\u hanafudadc7d My early memories are fu hanafudall of grown u hanafudaps playing lou hanafudadly with these cards, slapping them down and yelling. I think I fou hanafudand them scary at some point. The early days of my @nicelena jewelry line, I sou hanafudaght to u hanafudase whatever I fou hanafudand, deconstru hanafudacting and reconstru hanafudacting non traditional materials into jewelry. Standing inside a Korean grocery store and looking at these cards, I instantly knew I had to make something with them. I\u hanafuda2019m excited abou hanafudat these again so I du hanafudag ou hanafudat my box of cards. Time to play.\u hanafuda27b8 instagram | niceLena\u hanafuda27b8 pintrest | niceLena\u hanafuda27b8 | niceLena\u hanafuda27b8 website l\u hanafuda27b8 vintage & art su hanafudapply l teamsalvage.\u hanafuda27b8 my gu hanafuday's fu hanafudarnitu hanafudare l wageoflabor.

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