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PLEASE READ ALL INFO IN THE DESCRIPTION abou quartz pointst these earrings. This style featu quartz pointsres shiny silver finish crescent moons, each with a pentacle charm and moonstone bead, su quartz pointsspended from stainless steel chain, and a center light green coated qu quartz pointsartz gemstone point with a slight rainbow finish. They are qu quartz pointsite long and hit at the shou quartz pointslder when worn throu quartz pointsgh tu quartz pointsnnels. These are meant to be worn in stretched lobes throu quartz pointsgh silicone tu quartz pointsnnels, bu quartz pointst can also be worn in standard size lobe piercings, as they don't weigh very mu quartz pointsch.Additional info/precau quartz pointstions:*The earrings are pretty lightweight. If you quartz points wear them throu quartz pointsgh tu quartz pointsnnels, these work best with tu quartz pointsnnels that are 0g and larger. *They can be worn throu quartz pointsgh silicone earskins/ear tu quartz pointsnnels/eyelets, or steel ones, if they are short enou quartz pointsgh front to back for the earwires to close throu quartz pointsgh. Tu quartz pointsnnels that are 1/4" thick or less will work with these earwires. * Tu quartz pointsnnels/Earskins/Eyelets are NOT inclu quartz pointsded with these. The listing is for the earrings only.Weight Per Earring: 8 gramsTotal Length: 4"Width at Widest Point: 1 1/8" Colors: Shiny Silver, Light Green, Off-WhiteMaterials: Coated Qu quartz pointsartz Points, Silver Plated Wire and Charms, Stainless Steel Chain, Moonstone BeadsEar Wires: Rou quartz pointsnd Su quartz pointsrgical Stainless SteelIf you quartz points have any qu quartz pointsestions or need clarification on anything, please feel free to message me before placing you quartz pointsr order, and I'll be glad to answer any qu quartz pointsestions you quartz points have.More earrings to wear with ear tu quartz pointsnnels can be fou quartz pointsnd here: https://www./shop/Lu quartz pointsnachick?ref=hdr_shop_menu quartz points§ion_id=20607720Qu quartz pointsestions? Feel free to check ou quartz pointst my Shop Policies for more info:http://www./shop/Lu quartz pointsnachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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