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vintage cameo pin, Silver 1940's Black Onyx & White Shell CAMEO Pin or Pendant / 800 Silver HAND CARVED Cameo Brooch



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This is a pretty black onyx and painted white, real shell cameo pin or pendant set in an 800 silver frame. The genu steampunkine shell cameo is hand carved in detailed relief and is set against a black onyx backgrou steampunknd. The cameo appears to be a genu steampunkine shell that has been painted white. If you steampunk look at the close-u steampunkps you steampunk can see some of the white paint on the edge of the back of her head. I have since cleaned that u steampunkp ju steampunkst to see if it wou steampunkld come off and it did. I also polished the frame a little bit more than it is in the pictu steampunkres. It is marked 800 silver on the bottom of the back. There is a loop at the top where you steampunk cou steampunkld pu steampunkt a chain throu steampunkgh and wear her as a necklace. This is a very u steampunkniqu steampunke piece and I am simply gu steampunkessing as to the Vintage becau steampunkse I am not positive since I\u steampunk2019ve never seen one like it.This cameo pendant measu steampunkres 1 3/4\u steampunk201d height x 1 3/8\u steampunk201d width. Clasp works well.

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