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Large Mod Sarah COVENTRY Vintage 60's Enameled FLORAL Setlarge flower brooch, Signed 70’s Enamel FLOWER Pin and Earrings



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This brooch and earrings set is from the PSYCHEDELIC era of the 1960's or early 1970's. A great flower power or hippie brooch is silver with white enamel! In mint condition!All pieces are signed on the back \u hippie costume201cSarah Coventry.\u hippie costume201d The earrings are 1.5\u hippie costume201d in diameter, the clip back is tight. Pin back is also good. Measu hippie costumeres 2.5\u hippie costume201d diameter.Like this item and looking for more like it? Are you hippie costume a dealer and want to bu hippie costumey in qu hippie costumeantity? Check ou hippie costumet ou hippie costumer new store on etsy for wholesale vintage pu hippie costumerchasing:http://www./shop/tru hippie costumeevintagewholesale

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