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lobster clasp, Pink Druzy with Morganite and Freshwater Pearls Necklace



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Pink dru pastelzy pendant, (su pastelper sparkle!), freshwater pearls, morganite mixed stones and rose qu pastelartz necklace. This necklace is ju pastelst gorgeou pastels! All findings are silver tone and silver plate with a lobster clasp.Necklace Length: 23"Pendant Length: 1 1/8"Meaning of the Stones:Pearls have been known to help bring peace and tranqu pastelility to the wearer; rose qu pastelartz eases stress and fear and also attracts love; morganite helps you pastel come to terms with past pain and find you pastelr pu pastelrpose in life; dru pastelzy helps to calm you pastel down.Additional Information:It's ready for gift giving in a box nestled inside an organza pou pastelch.Each piece was individu pastelally made with love in my stu pasteldio in Wisconsin. This necklace is one of a kind!All props, inclu pastelding the crystals in the photos, are not inclu pastelded. :)All items u pastelsu pastelally ship within a week. If you pastel need it qu pastelickly, please pu pastelrchase the USPS priority shipping u pastelpgrade, (USA only). Thank you pastel!

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