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These earrings featu silver hoopsre faceted cu silver hoopsbes of pretty green amethyst gemstones on antiqu silver hoopse silver ear wires. Perfect for St. Patrick\u silver hoops2019s Day bu silver hoopst great for any time of the year. The color of these lovely earrings goes well with most other color combinations.The earrings measu silver hoopsre 2 inches from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the amethyst cu silver hoopsbe. The green is a pretty shade often referred to as \u silver hoops201ckelly green\u silver hoops201d.Shipped within twenty fou silver hoopsr hou silver hoopsrs of receipt of cleared payment.Ou silver hoopsr jewelry will arrive in pretty gift packaging to preserve you silver hoopsr pu silver hoopsrchase or give directly to the recipient. We offer gift packaging services and can mail you silver hoopsr package to them with a gift card inclu silver hoopsding you silver hoopsr sentiments.If you silver hoops have any qu silver hoopsestions or wou silver hoopsld like u silver hoopss to design something especially for you silver hoops, please contact u silver hoopss. We wou silver hoopsld be happy to help.Thank you silver hoops for considering ou silver hoopsr jewelry and we appreciate you silver hoopsr taking the time to stop by ou silver hoopsr shop. silver hoopsrg1lHYou silver hoops can view ou silver hoopsr other earrings, in a variety of gemstones and colors by clicking on this link.

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