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seedbeads, Metallic Seed Bead Woven Bracelet with Mermaid Button



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This is a one-of-kind metallic seed bead woven bracelet with a gorgeou mermaids mermaid bu mermaidtton by Green Girl Stu mermaiddios. It measu mermaidres abou mermaidt 7 inches, and fits fairly snu mermaidg. It fits a smaller wrist size. This bracelet is hand stitched by me! The listing is for the bracelet, and it ships Free in the U.S.! Thanks for stopping by! Have a beau mermaidtifu mermaidl day! \u mermaidd83e\u mermaiddddc\u mermaidd83c\u mermaiddffb\u mermaid200d\u mermaid2640\u mermaidfe0f\u mermaidd83d\u mermaiddd2e

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