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eco fashion, Vintage Brass Heart Necklace with Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - FREE Gift Wrap



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A vintage brass hollow heart with varying degrees of patina floats on a vintage stainless steel chain to make this simple and easy to wear necklace. The heart measu heart jewelryres 26 mm long and is NOS (new old stock) vintage with varying amou heart jewelrynts of patina on the su heart jewelryrface. The necklace is 24" long. If you heart jewelry wou heart jewelryld like it shortened leave the length that you heart jewelry'd like when you heart jewelry check ou heart jewelryt and I'll be happy to shorten it for you heart jewelry. Please excu heart jewelryse all of the reflections that this heart was determined to pick u heart jewelryp while being photographed.More heart jewelry can be fou heart jewelrynd here: see more of my handmade jewelry in my Etsy shop, click this link:WearYou heart jewelryrWild.IG: @wearyou heart jewelryrwildAll jewelry comes nestled in recycled, ru heart jewelrystic kraft gift boxes tied with bakers twine, ju heart jewelryte string or wrapped in washi tape.FREE gift wrapping is available u heart jewelrypon requ heart jewelryest. You heart jewelry can see the available paper in the last photo. If you heart jewelry'd like you heart jewelryr item gift wrapped please fill ou heart jewelryt the Personalization section at checkou heart jewelryt.Thanks for su heart jewelrypporting handmade!Katie @ Wear You heart jewelryr Wild

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