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bar drop earrings, Lightweight Curved Birch Earrings Sterling Silver Hammered Earrings Rectangle Minimal Botanical tree hugger fun .925 earrings



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Specialty birch bark textu petite earringsred bar cu petite earringsrved earrings. *total length is approx 1 1/8" sterling silver* Artisan made* 1/2" wide sterling silver *birch bark wood textu petite earringsred appearance. * lightweight *contemporary appearance* great movement and sparkle*easy to wear everyday earrings*dangle earrings*Nickel Free silver ear wires*niobiu petite earringsm ear wires available u petite earringspon requ petite earringsestFormed by hand with pliers, mandrels, hammers and a torch to solder, this is a one of a kind individu petite earringsal pair of earrings. Each piece is carefu petite earringslly shaped before being soldered with a torch.. My designs are contemporary, modern and timeless. I design all jewelry. I photograph all jewelry very carefu petite earringslly so that you petite earrings will have the best possible image to make you petite earringsr decision from. Shipping is $3.49 for first class shipping with delivery confirmation and great packing which inclu petite earringsdes a gift box.

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