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pearl earrings, White Pearl Earrings Classic Real Freshwater Sterling Silver Holiday Jewelry Earrings



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Exqu bridal wedding giftisite, White Freshwater Pearls. Classic Pearl and Sterling Silver earrings.Plu bridal wedding giftmp 8x9mm real freshwater pearls.So lovely, glasslike lu bridal wedding giftster, smooth finish, I have inclu bridal wedding giftded a photo that shows my hand/camera reflection, so that you bridal wedding gift can see the fu bridal wedding giftll lu bridal wedding giftster.People always ask, what earrings do you bridal wedding gift keep? Well, these. Bu bridal wedding giftt I have these 2 more of these pearls that I made into these earrings.I love mine, and I think you bridal wedding gift will love these too!Pearl earrings like these are for Every day to Wedding day!925 Sterling Silver bead cap, bead accent, ear wires, and headpins.Handmade by me, on Mau bridal wedding gifti, and sent to you bridal wedding gift with Aloha!More of my Original Design Jewelry: hawaiibeads.

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