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fused glass jewelry, Long fused bright emerald green leaf pattern dichroic glass earrings Hypo-allergenic niobium earrings



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Bright green fu fused glass jewelrysed dichroic glass earrings 3/8" wide by 1" tall. Base glass is foliage leaf pattern dichroic glass in emerald green with a clear cap fu fused glass jewelrysed over the top.20 gau fused glass jewelryge Niobiu fused glass jewelrym ear wires su fused glass jewelrypport bright sparkly fu fused glass jewelrysed dichroic glass earrings. With the French hook style ear wires they hang 1 1/2" long.Sterling Silver ear wires are available u fused glass jewelrypon requ fused glass jewelryest. Fu fused glass jewelrysed with a compu fused glass jewelryter controlled kiln and properly annealed and made by me in my coastal stu fused glass jewelrydio.All jewelry is handcrafted with love and care. Fu fused glass jewelrysed glass is annealed, which means cooled at a controlled speed, for strength and du fused glass jewelryrability. I photograph all jewelry very carefu fused glass jewelrylly so that you fused glass jewelry will have the best possible image to make you fused glass jewelryr decision from. It will come carefu fused glass jewelrylly packed in a gift box so that you fused glass jewelry may give it as a gift or have it be a gift to you fused glass jewelryrself. McCray Stu fused glass jewelrydios Fu fused glass jewelrysed Glass Dichroic earrings emerald green pattern earringsI wrap each package carefu fused glass jewelrylly and inclu fused glass jewelryde a gift box and pack in a bu fused glass jewelrybble envelope.McCray Stu fused glass jewelrydios #41 fu fused glass jewelrysed green niobiu fused glass jewelrym dichroic earrings earrings

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