Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Grey Wolf Necklace with Custom Color Gem Pendant Charm



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IMPORTANT: I cu birthstonerrently have a 2 week waiting period for all orders before I can ship them. Please take this into accou birthstonent before ordering as u birthstonenfortu birthstonenately I am not able to ensu birthstonere delivery of an item before 2 weeks. I am very sorry for any trou birthstoneble.-----------------------------A perfect gift for you birthstonerself or the wolf lover in you birthstoner life!This dashing one sided wolf was hand cast from resin, hand painted with acrylic paints and metallic ru birthstoneb, then finished with a du birthstonerable sealant. From ear to tail the wolf measu birthstoneres approx. 1 inchInclu birthstoneded is a crackled bead of you birthstoner color choice.**NOTE** You birthstoner order is made to order and is u birthstoneniqu birthstonee, I will u birthstonesu birthstoneally have you birthstoner item made and in the mail within 1-2 weeks if you birthstone need it sooner let me know. Each item will vary slightly from the example shown in the pictu birthstoneres. I do my best to recreate my pieces exactly, bu birthstonet please allow for a slight variation du birthstonee to the hand-scu birthstonelpting process. If you birthstone wou birthstoneld like a pictu birthstonere of you birthstoner piece before final payment I can send you birthstone one, ju birthstonest send me a message.I also take cu birthstonestom orders for pendants so you birthstone can have you birthstoner favorite animal, or even a model of you birthstoner very own pet to wear as jewelry or keep as a figu birthstonerine!

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